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Our Curriculum focuses on teaching the Arabic language starting with learning the Arabic alphabet and progressing to reading words and building up vocabulary.
ACS follows the new Victorian Curriculum F-10 which sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship. The Curriculum is customised to the level of the learner and is taught to assist students to progress and develop their language level quickly.
You can find more information about the Victorian Curriculum for Learning Arabic HERE
The actual Curriculum can be accessed HERE

Our Mission is to offer the best Arabic language training and provide the highest quality of teaching to keen students seeking to learn Arabic.

Reading at ACS is targeted by introducing the IQRAA text series 1 to 6. Prep and Year 1 will start at books 1 and 2, while higher levels will be adjusted to suit the reading level of each student. To encourage students, a ‘reading licence’ will be awarded at assembly for each level a student completes. In addition, students will be learning to read and recite from different Arabic textbooks including the Qur’an.

Speaking & Listening

It is very important for students to listen and speak in Arabic at every opportunity. ACS lessons will include Show and Tell, Storytime, learning songs and poems, and  Student Buddy conversations. Such activities will give students variety in their day and fun ways to use the Arabic language throughout the entire school day. In addition, ACS uses technology to support student learning through: audio/visual materials, the use of iPad and Android apps, Arabic computer software, and educational websites.


ACS writing lessons will focus on correct letter penmanship and word formation for the lower classes, whilst older students will be learning basic grammar, sentence structure and formation, as well as creative writing. Each student will have appropriate learning outcomes for their age, level and language proficiency. Throughout the year, students will also undertake a range of projects that will capitalise on writing in Arabic.


At ACS, Culture period includes teaching children about good manners and character, ethical behaviour, living with high integrity and good moral conduct. We also teach honesty and respect for others. We relate teachings from science, history and societal traditions and how they apply to our current daily life and what we can learn from them.

Weekly Timetable & Schedule


Students should be dropped off on Saturday morning at 9:20am, ready to start class at 9:30am – with pick-up at 1:30pm sharp.


This table is a standard teaching day for students who are attending Arabic and Culture classes.


Please note there is an option to not attend Culture classes if that isn’t something you want for your child(ren).


Need an early pick up?

To leave early, you must use the form in the Stack Team app. ACS is responsible for the safety and whereabouts of our students until they are handed back to you and we won’t be able to release your child(ren) unless you complete this form. This does not apply to students that only attend Arabic classes.

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