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Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at Arabic Culture School (ACS). The initial step in the process is to complete the correct online enrolment form below depending on whether your child is returning or new to ACS.


Enrolment at Arabic Culture School is year-round except for Term 4 where we generally do not accept new enrolments due to how late in the year it is.

Once enrolled through one of the forms below, you will receive a confirmation email in mid-January confirmation your child(ren)'s placement and outlining next steps.

To withdraw your child(ren) from Arabic Culture School, you must advise the school in writing.

School Hours & Study Program

Our school hours are 9:30am to 1:30pm every Saturday during the school term.

Please check Study Program for a more detailed account of how the day runs.


  • You must enroll your child(ren) by EOD Sunday, 28 January 2024 to be eligible for the Early Bird rate.

  • There are no sibling discounts.

  • All tuition fees are an annual rate so for the entire year and include resources.

Tuition Fee Payment
  1. More details coming soon on tuition fees payment process for 2024.

  2. Tuition fees are due in Week 3 of Term 1.

  3. If your 2023 tuition fees are still unpaid, we won't confirm you for 2024 until they're paid.

  4. If you have financial hardship you can email the school with your circumstances. We have several options:

    • Payment Plans: Payment of the school fees can be done through regular instalments. All payment plans must ensure that the account is cleared by the last day of the school year or as negotiated with the Principal or School Administrator.

    • Extension of Time: If an extension is required, please email

    • Concession Fees: If you have a valid concession card, send a screenshot of your concession card details to and your tuition rates will be adjusted to the concession rates.

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