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Arabic Culture School generally runs in a face-to-face manner and only uses remote learning when directed to by the Department of Education and Training or by special consideration.

Enrolments at Arabic Culture School are accepted at any time. However, we will only allow new students in the first 2 weeks of each term (except for Term 1 where newly enrolled students will be accepted throughout all of Term 1).

To enroll your children at ACS, you must complete the online enrolment form below for all your children. Once enrolled you will receive a confirmation email within 48-72 hours outlining next steps.

To withdraw your child(ren) from Arabic Culture School, you must advise the school in writing.


This is a breakdown of fees depending if you're enrolling 1 or more children. Our tuition fees are applicable to ALL grade levels (Kinder to Adult classes). Prices shown are per calendar year. We do not charge per term but a standard tuition rate for the whole year. 

Late Start Enrolment

New students are welcome all year round at Arabic Culture School. New students entering after the commencement of term will be charged a reduced annual tuition fee according to the above schedule of fees.

If starting in Term 1 or 2: 100% of standard annual tuition fees will be invoiced.
If starting in Term 3: 70% of standard annual tuition fees will be invoiced.
If starting in Term 4: 30% of standard annual tuition fees will be invoiced.

Essential Educational Items

A charge of $30 will be added per child and this will be used for the following purposes in alignment with the vision and mission of the school to:

- Provide essential resources, materials, facilities and equipment;

- Assist with providing activities such as excursions

School Fee Collection Process
  1. School tuition fees will be charged within 2 weeks of the start of the term and will be due within 14 days after you receive the Compass notification.

  2. If your 2021 tuition fees are still unpaid, you won't be able to register for 2022 until they're paid.

  3. Where a parent/guardian believes financial circumstances have arisen that will prevent or delay the payment of the school fees, a variety of options are available:

    • Payment Plans: Payment of the school fees can also be done through regular instalments. All payment plans must ensure that the account is cleared by the last day of the school year or as negotiated with the Principal or Finance Officer.

    • Extension of Time: If an extension is required, please email

    • Concession Fees: If you have a valid concession card, send a screenshot of your concession card details to and your tuition rates will be adjusted to the concession rates.

Important Information for 2022
Please always check the School Calendar for important term dates. The 2022 Term Dates will be updated soon.

With regards to COVID-19 updates, we continue to follow advice from the Victorian government and the Department of Education and Training on whether to operate on-site or through remote and flexible learning and will notify you as soon as we know.


When operating on-site, our school hours are 9:30 am to 1:00 pm every Sunday during the school term.


Please check Study Program for a more detailed account of how the day runs.