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Principal's Welcome

Assalamu alaykum and welcome to Arabic Culture School,

The leadership, staff and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you and your family to our Arabic school community.

We run accredited Arabic classes from Kinder up to Year 10, catering to both native and non-native Arabic speakers. We have a dedicated team of over 20 volunteer teachers and support staff, who are all committed to the comfort and applied learning of your child in the Arabic Language. We encourage all parents to play an active role in their children's schooling.

Over the last 28 years, many people in the community have voluntarily worked very hard to ensure that this school continues to flourish and provide the best opportunities for creating community and instilling the love of the Arabic language to your child.

Last year (2020) was a year unlike any other. We, like many other schools in Victoria, had to shut our doors to face-to-face learning. We didn’t shut our doors to teaching though, we quickly and successfully shifted our delivery model to remote learning – keeping our teachers and students connected. Was it the same as face-to-face learning? Of course not, but it did more than just keep the lips of our learners moist with learning the language. It helped them retain a sense of community. They also learnt amazing lessons of resilience and persistence, and they also got to play with silly virtual backgrounds in Zoom – which brought on much needed fits of laughter.


In 2021, we’re focusing on rebuilding connections amongst our students and with their teachers – in a covid-safe way. As a school, we’ll also be reapplying for our accreditation with the Department of Education and Training, which will transform the way we organise and deliver the approved curriculum. And like in 2020, we have our plans in place and work towards achieving them – ever ready to pivot if conditions change.

We have wonderful community support and involvement and we hope to increase that this year. We believe that cooperation and support between home and school is essential in producing the desired results and essential in securing a positive educational climate. Should you have a concern, please discuss it fully with your child’s teacher, or make an appointment with the Principal or Vice Principal.

I encourage you to become involved in as many ways as you possibly can. It is exciting to see how positively children respond when they see their parents contributing and taking part in their education and activities. Our teachers are extremely dedicated and they care for the welfare of your child but they require your collaboration from home to continue on the work they are doing. I know we can build on the strengths of our school that have provided an excellent education for the children of ACS over the last 28 years.

Samir Elbelli


COVIDSafe Plan

Child Safety Policy

Our COVIDSafe Plan has been developed as a guide for Community Language Schools (CLS) returning to on-site delivery.

All CLS returning to on-site provision should operate in accordance with the COVIDSafe Principles for Schools and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) advice. Further information is available on the Health and safety advice for all Victorian schools website.


We've created our COVIDSafe Plan in accordance to the guidelines provided by the Victorian authorities and this plan will be updated regularly as advice and circumstances change.


To view our latest and most up-to-date COVIDSafe Plan, click this link: 

Arabic Culture School is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people.


As part of ACS' commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Child Safe Standards, we are wanting to ensure that we are well-prepared to protect children from any abuse and neglect.

To view our latest and most up-to-date Child Safety Policy, click this link: 


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